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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Memetime... opening myself up...

Clipped from a posting by bandhiaduit

I want anyone and EVERYONE who reads this to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.

Then post this in your journal to find out what people want to do with you.

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Someday I would like to go karaoke singing with you.

Director... actor... maybe. Confident singer... There I'm really not sure.

I've had people both compliment and condemn me. I held my own in a solo of "Heaven on my mind" from JCS (which as a Bass/Baritone was no small feat)

Yeah, I love to sing... but ... actually to do so in a bar in front of people. Really not sure about that.

Looking forward to the day...

When we meet for sushi and tea again.

Rough estimate: 12 months ;-)

Re: Looking forward to the day...

Yeah that and about 10,000 other things, luv.

We miss you here in the cottageless states. And hey, you gotta get a chance to meet she who ringed me ;)

Drink a pint together at Pennsic

Due to travel and other reasons (that I shall not go into in this forum) I think my Pennsic trips are over.

And the question of course always lingers... a pint of what? :)

We really need to have that drink. Granted at this point I also need you to catch up on Angel ;)

One of us has to eventually make a trip to the other's coast :)

This might surprise you...

Finish writing and produce "A Little Princess, the musical!"

Re: This might surprise you...

Aiiigh! Ahh! Agh!!

Now, what was the surprise supposed to be?

We need to do ANYTHING, musical... Hell we need to do anything THEATRICAL.

Let's have our people do lunch (to distract them) and in the mean time get together and plan to do something devious ;)

Due to work and money. It looks really bad this year. Bad is in about a <1% chance. Which really sucks.

But catch me off line as I have other devious and nefarious plans :)

1) Play poker again.
2) "Talk shop" vis-a-vis ritual magic with you.
3) Get a chance to see you and yer' Mrs. officiate a Mass.

1) Tell me when you're in town... We'll plan a date
2) Any time any where
3) We've got two coming up. One at Thanksgiving.

Contact us for a calendar

Hmmm...go to an SCA event.

You know... I did SCA for 15 years :) And 15 years in an organisation does something to a man. ;)

Granted it also creates a great opportunity for wonderful friendships and a few people who'd love to see your crushed skull in a ditch. (But maybe she's not active in the SCA anymore ;)

Let's talk. I have oh, so much free time in my schedule :-D

probly play a game of charades.

Okay, that was unique.

I didn't see that one coming.

-RJ :-b

A little Hayao Miazaki and a nice cup of tea.

Miyazaki is always good

Anything with tea is always great.

This of course leaves me no choice...

I have to come visit Sin City again.

(Deleted comment)
That this would require you to leave the house ;)

Watch Chasing Amy, bong! It's like loving Quentin Tarantino and never having seen Reservoir Dogs.

Uh, okay admission time

I love QT and have never seen Reservoir Dogs.

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