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One more:, political comments, and the Worst pun of the day

So, while showing mrlogic the Republican um.. picture... The following exchange occured:

mrlogic: Is that your hat, or....
andrei: Yeah... exactly
mrlogic: you know, for a moment I misread this headline:
mrlogic: "Bush and Kerry Hit Road, Trade Blows on Jobs"
andrei: And yet, they still oppose Gay Marriage B-D

mrlogic suggested that the comment was actually bashworthy. I'd never heard of bash, So I had to ask. is a repository of things seen in IM. Some funny, some not so funny. People can submit them, vote on them, etc.

On bash I discovered one of the worst puns I've ever encountered:
* Oz pops a tiny green mint, watches a Chevy Chase movie about golf, and signs a mortgage to a pig.
Oz: With a Tic-Tac, Caddyshack, give a hog a loan...
Oz: This old ban sent troller home!

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