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The car, the cop, and the contriband

To get back from work today, a brother in the order gave me a lift. This should have gone smoothly. Well, put more than 2 order members in the car...and things will often get silly...

We stopped off for dinner, this was cool. Had a great burger. Dropped off one of the brothers...headed for my place.

Then it hit... Passing not one, but two flashing blue light cops, the driver felt it best to slow a bit. Apparently, since it was the 30th... this didn't matter.

Motorcycle cop lights on... waves us over.

Okay. We pull over...both wearing seat belts...check.

"Can I see your license...yadda yadda yadda."

Driver goes rummaging through glove box for papers. Cop wanders off. He leans over to me
"I didn't want him looking in the glove box, because I have a small pocket knife in there, and I want this to go as quickly as possible. Could you make sure it's covered. I move some papers around and spy the following

I figure...I might as well cover that up as well. It's probably in the driver's best interest...especially if he's worried about a pocket knife.

The cop gives him a ticket for not stopping for an imaginary pedestrian who was theoretically halfway into a crosswalk that also doesn't exist. (In reflection...maybe I should have given the cop what I found.. Obviously he had several of his own.)

We get back to my place. The driver is not happy being ticketed. I say, Well, I covered the pocket knife and figured I should cover the 'pipe' as well. My friend .... bleached.
"What pipe?"
"The pipe in the glove compartment"
"I don't have a pipe in the glove comptment. I wouldn't put a pipe in the glove compartment, especially for the reason we just had.."

He excuses himself to examine the contraband and try to deduce which of his "friends" he might have to kill.

Five minutes later he returns to my apartment simply saying, "You son of a bitch..."

The ... contraband
My friend has found the contraband. Matter of fact, he'd been trying to find that tire gauge for quite some time. He's not sure whether to thank me in aiding him finding it, or kill me for taking 5 years off his life.

Now come on.... Wouldn't you have made the same mistake in dark, with a cop nearby, trying to rifle someone else's glove compartment :?)
The ... contraband
An he still thinks, "You son of a bitch..."

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