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Idiotic programming move 35b

I realize most of you aren't programmers, but this is Moron-move 35b

You have a function like this:

Do something cool {
    Do something boring
    Do something very complicated all at once in a very convuluted manner
    Display the cool results

Well, it doesn't quite work the way you want so you do the following.
    You cut the really complicated stuff out and paste it into

Do something very complicated in a better manner {
    // And lots of steps here.

You run it... Several times. You tell the computer to stop running when it gets to the new code. It never works. Hey it never even seems to get there.

See moron-move 35b is that you've cut the bad code, made a new function call, and forgot to tell the place where the old code was to actually call the new code.

Anyone else want to fess up to having done this?

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