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I am manly man!

I am big sweaty manly-man right now. To ain in trying to get into shape and to extend my burgeoning love of the sport of football, I have joined one of the football teams on our work plaza's inter-company flag football league.

Symantec (my company) has four teams out of the seven playing. Needless to say...there's a little rivalry.

One team has players from neighboring divisions in the company. There has been a lot of 'trash talking' over the last few weeks as our games kept getting rescheduled due to rain.

Today...we beat them. I believe it was 4-1 though it may have only been 3-1. None the less...We won.

My job is to rush the QB. For those of you who don't understand the sport, I will explain quickly. The QB is the guy who tries to throw, give, or keep the ball so that someone will get it to the other end of the field and get a score. The other side would prefer to mess the QB up as much as possible to prevent him from doing this. My job is to run at the QB like a spaz and either psych him out or get teh ball away from him (this is flag football, so I'm only allowed to either block a throw or grab a flag from his belt)

The ball starts at a point (called the line of scrimmage) and is tossed back about a yard or so to the QB so he can have some room to maneuver. In our rules he can not throw the ball if he gets in front of the line of scrimmage.

Today I was able to break up several attempts to throw the ball. Today I also got the pleasure of forcing the QB to throw the ball past the line, which got them a penalty and forced them backwards on the field.

Of course the downside when you're a QB rusher is that you have only one thought on your mind. Get at the guy with the ball.

I had one play go almost very badly awry. I managed to screw up the QB so badly that he threw the ball very wildly and he actually wound up passing it to one of our guys. (this is an interception; a very good thing for the team that intercepts the ball)

Unfortunately, I hadn't seen this guy on our team before. I've been out for 3 weeks due to my illness. I broke up the pass and then saw a guy coming at me with the ball. I went for him. Just before grabbing the ball, something in my head clicked and said, "Moron, he has a black shirt...You have a black shirt...they have white shirts"

I fell backwards (blocking someone trying to get at (Oh, yeah my) teammate and yelled, "What the fuck am I doing? He's on my team"

For those that understand football. I broke up the play on the 25, we intercepted at the 35, I managed to not tackle him on the 30 but unknowingly got a nice block in and he was brought down at their 5.

So we beat our co-workers team....

...and now we hope they aren't sad losers and we hope that our internet connection doesn't go *$(&ack
TCP/IP connection dropped.

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