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I chose the title of this post in response to jnanacandra's last post. (Please note it's filtered, so many of you may not get that joke)

Well, I'm definitely married. Today I got to face something my wife does that I will have to get used to. She asked me to make her a roast beef sandwich. She asked for it on multi-grain bread, with pepper-jack white cheese... and Mayonaise!!!


Okay, I am not actively practicing Judaism, but this is hundreds... no thousands of years of culture and tradition.

It's very simple:
Mayo goes on turkey
Ketchup goes on Roast Beef
Mustard goes on Ham. (um... if we were to eat ham... tra-la-la, nothing-nothing-nothing;... nothing to see, move along.

Okay, I'll admit it... I already let one Scot introduce me to the Eeeeevuullllss of mustard on roast beast.

But there are limits...

Mayo on Roast Beef? No, no... no, no-no-no.

I must edjumicate her ;)

(Have I mentioned how much in love I am :?)

I should know better than to post: This is the way of the world. It always results in long threads.

Come on people, You must learn to put a proper condiment on a proper meat in the proper meal!

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