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It is nearly the end of my wedding day...

It is 11:56, so as I type this, one of what will be the most memorable days of my life comes to a close.

The last guests have left the house, including mrlogic who I haven't gotten to see in months.

I will be posting the text of the ritual when I get a chance.

We had a lovely mass and ceremony at our local temple. Both of us almost began to cry on the like "take you ..... to be my ....."

I always hate watching the 'you may kiss the bride' part. Mainly because it seems strange to be prodded and they always look very staged. For us the line we had in the script was more of an, "Okay... now". The wording (though not spoken) was, "If it be your will...." And as for staged. Un-uh. Wow... what a kiss.

Yes, we have chosen the name Freeman. I will explain more of it later, but if you go back over the last two weeks, you'll see it holds true to what our goals were.

Afterwards we collected everyone for document signature time. This was very special because we got to spring a very special wedding surprise.

fiannaharpar and blackpaladin had hand created a ketubah for us. A ketubah is a traditional jewish marriage contract. fianna did the illumination and paladin did the scribal. And it is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of this kind of artwork I have ever seen. I will be posting pictures of the wedding and ketubah in a few days.

This is just a little more explanded off the last post. I wrote it while dinner was being served.

Tired.. bouncy, happy, giddy, sleepy, etc

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