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W-5 Take that mass media: New catch phrase

Life has been.. well, busy to say the least.

Bills for wedding foo (on top of many other bills) all circulating around. We have movers showing up with furniture and relatives making it into town assuming flights go okay. I have software to ship and more wedding rehearsals to do.

In a word... Aiiigh

Time to take a breath.

I've actually managed to keep it all under control. In the past 5 years I have finally transformed myself into a reliable, responsible human being. I realize there are people who could read this who would roll their eyes or worse try to dredge up the past.

I've done some uber-dumb things in my past and really had to pay the price on several of them. Some things I still am. But in short I've improved, and I've done so on the inside where it really counts the most.

Now I get to start fixing the harder stuff. Dealing with my weight seriously, dealing with my glasses are mostly unusable, getting a wardrobe that consists of more than 4 pairs of the same slacks that I rotate in a near einsteinian manner.

Yes folks, the hormone treatment (self analysis, self motivation, internal behavioral work) has begun to take form.

I announce to the media and come out publicly that I consider myself a:

Preoperative Trans-Metrosexual.

Hmmn, do I start an eSupportGroup?


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