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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

W-5 Take that mass media: New catch phrase

Life has been.. well, busy to say the least.

Bills for wedding foo (on top of many other bills) all circulating around. We have movers showing up with furniture and relatives making it into town assuming flights go okay. I have software to ship and more wedding rehearsals to do.

In a word... Aiiigh

Time to take a breath.

I've actually managed to keep it all under control. In the past 5 years I have finally transformed myself into a reliable, responsible human being. I realize there are people who could read this who would roll their eyes or worse try to dredge up the past.

I've done some uber-dumb things in my past and really had to pay the price on several of them. Some things I still am. But in short I've improved, and I've done so on the inside where it really counts the most.

Now I get to start fixing the harder stuff. Dealing with my weight seriously, dealing with my glasses are mostly unusable, getting a wardrobe that consists of more than 4 pairs of the same slacks that I rotate in a near einsteinian manner.

Yes folks, the hormone treatment (self analysis, self motivation, internal behavioral work) has begun to take form.

I announce to the media and come out publicly that I consider myself a:

Preoperative Trans-Metrosexual.

Hmmn, do I start an eSupportGroup?


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You need to dress better to be a pre-op trans-metrosexual. To truly be a metrosexual you will need both a clothing and palette re-education, and you will need to devote more money on your clothing habit. (Say, the amount of money you now spend on computer equipment. That's because the metrosexual needs a new pair of shoes more than he needs a new Apple G5.)

Ryan Seacrest is KING of the metrosexual male community.

And I agree with Mr. Woody there, from what I know of you the geek side is stronger than the facial getting, male cosmetic buying side. But then, I've never seen the counter in your bathroom, so how do I know?

~ E.

I've seen it. Hell; I use more facial cleanser products than he does. (Sometimes I borrow my wife's facial scrub from Origins; helps reduce black heads on the tip of my nose.)

*hangs head in shame*

I, too, have become a metrosexual. It started with just buying some nicer clothes. Then I noticed I have a rather large amount of shoes for a man. Nothing obscene... but five or six pairs is a bit much. And then I wanted to smell good... sure, cologne used to do the job, but now I can get these shower gels that smell like the cologne... and matching deodorant. And you can't apply that stuff on its own, no, you need some kind of loofah.

So this weekend I got a pretty neat back strap. It's made out of hemp, knit by Bangladeshi women or some such. Got it at the Body Shop. You spread some shower gel on it and then wash with it. Works pretty well, exfoliates and everything...

what you? a Metrosexual? I am not sure that I see this one, but then again, what do I know -- every time I have some big do to do, I morph from the average [sweatshirt and jeans / sweater and floor length skirt] wearing sort into something out of a movie made decades ago, simply by going into the depths of my own closet -- though the accessories are usually one of my grandmother's long dead animals or newly made from some $75/yd beaded brocade. Wait now, what does that make me, a Metro-queen? agghh! Sorry, but Metro-queen just doesn't sound half as amusing as Were-diva. (there's a little diva in me, but she only comes out when the moon is full ... heh)

Keep us posted on how those "hormone shots" go...

Thanks, A. It's heartening to know that all this hard work in becoming an adult will pay off. Hopefully I'll find the (wo)man of my dreams, and have a happy home. Congrats on your pending nuptuals. I'll be thinking of you both on the big day!


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