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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Something light, something to discuss (and maybe a poll)

If you read the T.V. Guide, you don't need a T.V. - Grandpa, Lost Boys (1987)

I haven't really looked at a T.V. Guide in quite a long time. So, I guess this means I'm watching T.V. Every few weeks the folks at TVG try to come up with a cover story that will prompt you to pick up this $2.50 guide to programming.

This week I got caught. The article (and 3 separate covers of which I only purchased one) was:


Well, with curiosity piqued, I had no choice.

First, here are the 'Legends':
Placed behind a cut...
25Captain Video1949-55
24Dick Solomon3rd Rock From The Sun1996-2001
22Doctor Who1963-89, 2005
21StarbuckBattlestar Galactica1978-79
20John CrichtonFarscape1999-2004
19Steve Austin
Jamie Summers
$6 (M) / Bionic Woman1973-78
18Malcolm ReynoldsFirefly2002
17Max GuevaraDark Angel2000-02
16Allie KeysTaken2002
15The ConeheadsSaturday Night Live1977-79
14RobotLost in Space1965-68
Satellite of Love
12Sam BeckettQuantum Leap1989-93
11Duncan MacLeodHighlander1992-98
10Jack O'NeillStargate SG-11997-
9John SheridanBabylon-51994-98
7Fox MulderX-Files1993-2002
6David VincentThe Invaders1967-68
4George JetsonJetsons1962-63, +
3Uncle MartinMy Favorite Martian1963-66
Any Star Trek Show
ST, TNG, DS9, Voy, Ent1966+
1Rod SerlingThe Twilight Zone1959-64

Personally, I hate media generated lists. I always find them to make little sense. And so, I find myself wondering... what is a Legend? Well, to be bloody-honest that in itself opens up the floor for a lot of debate. The dictionary was little help and Googling on "What makes a legend" resulted in 488 opinions.


Why don't you tell me: Fill out the poll:
(To those reading this on an RSS browser, you'll need to be a registered member of LiveJournal if you want to take this poll.)
Poll #330437 Legends of Television Science Fiction?

What makes a legend?

It is memorable.
People remember the name long after they remember the details
It changed the Paradigm
It changed the people it touched
Knowing about it (being able to talk about it) is a sign of status
It is something to be emulated, attained, avoided shunned
It is positive
It is negative
It has been imitated (the sincerest form of flattery)
The details have been lost to time
It is required study in the field
It changed the field it is in
It was very important in its time
It wasn't very important in its time
OTHER (Use comment area)

What makes a TV Sci-Fi Legend (TSFL)?

Any character can be
The cast as a whole can be
Any person behind the screen can be
The show itself can be
It presents some new technology (real/fictitious)
It's been on the air a long time
The character(s) are new/different from previous
The show was prematurely cancelled
The show changed networks
The show/character has a fan base
OTHER (Use comment area)

Which show(s) from the list would NOT be on your list

More room for shows to remove

Which show(s) MISSING from the list would be on your list

More room for shows to add

Which character(s) would NOT be on your list.

More room for characters to remove

Which characters(s) MISSING from the list would be on your list

More room for characters to add

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(Deleted comment)
With all due respect to Buffy and Wedon, et al.

The Bionic Woman was the first sci-fi/fantasy show to be dropped by a network and immediately picked up by another one.

Very good reference!

If they're going to have Mulder, they should also have Scully. More, weirder stuff happens to her than to him. And she looks better in a tight t-shirt.

that was my thought exactly...

Well, maybe not the t-shirt part. But definitely I wasn't sure why to include Mulder and not Scully. I think Scully did more for the genre to demonstrate the change of non-believer to believer.

Re: that was my thought exactly...

bitch aced the first audition she ever went to. Now *that* is legend. The poll is kind of tough but I will fill it in eventually.

OK I added an 'other' in almost every category. I think one thing that makes a legend it that it has become distorted over time. One thing that makes a sci-fi TV legend is that the show was damn good. I know you asked for characters I would add to the list, I hope these two, Gene Roddenberry and Harlan Ellison count as "characters" because the legend surrounding them is precisely what I thought of when I first read the phrase, "Sci-fi TV Legend."

I don't know who nearly any of those people are.

(Deleted comment)
I have some episodes on video tape.

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