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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

W-12; Marriage License

Took a trip this morning (to start the day) to get the marriage license. This is apparently a document giving us the right to have a wedding. L.A. cost $70

It looks like the name change for me is a bit more involved and can't be tied to the wedding. Tomorrow, I will pick up the form for the legal name change for me. Heather can just adopt my name by showing the valid documentation. Name change in L.A.? $300 + advertising.

Good day at the office, many bugs squashed. I'll probably limited beta announce on Wednesday.

tired now

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i have heard rumors that the DOMA doesn't let either partner change their name for free anymore... this from someone who had problems at the passport office presenting a marriage license as proof of name change.

but you can consider this mostly apocryphal, since i've done no research to back it up. *nod*

You can 'fair use' (soft s not a hard z) a name by changing it with the DMV (Not sure what DOMA is) and the Soc. Sec. office. You do have to show something that proves you've been using the alternative name. Not sure if it is completely free or if there is a filing fee (I think it's free). The advantage of this is that a divorced woman can go into the DMV with divorce papers and say, "Change it back"

In this case the bride can show the marriage cert and the office will say, "Oh sure."

In the mechanism I'm using you are actually going thru the Superior Court to legally change documentation on record and effectively are releasing the old name.

Are you both changing your name to something new? Are you doing the hyphen thing, or did you just come up with a new last name?

I am going to be legally changing my name to:
Andrei A. (Insert new family name here)

Heather will be taking the name
Heather K. (Insert new family name here)

More on the new name in a separate post.


Or are you talking about changing your first or middle name??

I will be legally changing my first name to "Andrei" and will be changing the rest of the name as well.

So what's your birth name again???? 8)

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