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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

W-14.. 2 weeks

Why do I love her?

We talked about wedding registries today. We'd laughed that Fry's doesn't have one.

I said, "Home Depot"
She smiled and shivered.
I responded, "I love that that concept turns you on."
She grinned and said, "Mitre saw. Yum."


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Amazon has wedding registries, and you can order practically anything from them, not just books.

That one's definitely a keeper..

That woman of yours definitely rocks.

Sears is a nice catch-all...housewares and power tools ;-)

I'm totally there on registries at Fry's and Home Depot!

Home Depot SHOULD have a registry! What will I do when the boom falls?

Please do post where you end up registered. Sears is a good idea.

Cute girl + power tools = one happy man. You are very lucky my friend.

When my mom got remarried, she and her husband had just bought a new house that needed a lot of yard work done to it. She told me they were going to need stuff like a chainsaw and other yard tools, so I went to Home Depot for their gift. I considered buying a chainsaw, but ended up getting them a gift card, instead. I just had trouble imagining the symbolism of a chain saw sittong on the table next to the cake.... (cuz you know I would havbe taken it out of the box and wrapped it so you could tell what it was...)

Y'know, Home Depot is sexy to me for things other than power tools*, which was what I thought when I first read this post.

* like rope, locks, clips, and restraits

That rocks bro :) Im glad you guys are doing so damn well!



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