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Well, I've made a promise to myself to post more again.

I should be more tired... I was up until about 2am last night. Wednesday was our first free evening in probably a week. It was also out only really free weeknight together this week.
  • Mon - Thelemic Advanced Study Group (me)
  • Tue - H's class for our group (H & me)
  • Thu - Thelemic Ritual Class (H & me)
  • Fri - Wonderfalls screening

Special note: I will be posting about that Friday thing later today.

So, we spent last night working on the wedding ceremony. Since I'm an ordained priest and H is a novice in our church we wanted to make a nice and appropriate wedding ritual. For those familiar with weddings the format will be fairly familiar. But we're trying to adjust it to be more representative of our philosophy, religion, beliefs, and relationship. (At least that's my view, I don't speak for H directly, you can ask her ;)

We did a good bit of work last night. We still have a fair amount to write. AS for what we did last night, it was a wonderful experience. I got kinda goose-bumpy in places. We worked well together passing the text back and forth and making tweaks and revisions. H even cut out little representations of the clergy and us and the altars in the temple so that we could verify everyone's movement. (I asked her after she laid out the pieces, why she never got into football)

We've both been exceedingly busy. I've had a very busy work schedule and just wrapped up a two part class for our group. H has been dealing with comic-con and a class, and a huge ritual she just underwent, and the upcoming next issue of the group's newsletter. And of course on top of that is a wedding that is less than 2 1/2 weeks away. It was nice to spend an evening with H doing a mutual project. More tomorrow... :)

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