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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Developer talk...

From a chat with fraserspeirs after I helped him locate a bug in xjournal

F for Fraser (edited), A: for Me (also edited)

F:So I think I've fixed your reported bug from yesterday


F:Oh, no, I haven't. I've actually broken it

F:always test a fix before boasting about it

   A:Oh, phew. I was worried. A 24 hour fix without ruing the code? What kind of a developer do you think you are ;?)


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I was also amused because at first I thought you were grading, F for Fraser because of the bug and A for you because you fixed it. I got it now though. I'm just a bit slow.

It was H for Him and M for Me, but Fraser was open to me crediting him for the exchange. So it didn't even cross my mind.

BTW: Welcome to my journal. I am only left with the obvious...

Hi, Who are you ;?) Always curious how someone comes across my LJ and how long they've been reading it. Also... great list of interests. 23 common with me and not crossing into my philosophy interests is always something that raises an eyebrow.:)

Hello. Sorry, how rude of me. You're on one of my friend's friend lists. My name is Dione (hence the simplistic username). I read your entries every once in a while, but only started recently. I hope you don't mind. :)

No worries ;)

It's hard for me to tell who is reading and who isn't, especially when they haven't added the journal. Side note... there are more posts under personal filters depending on your interests.

I like to communicate with commenters. And again... the cross section of shared interest lists was pleasing. Especially because you have about 10 more I'd add if I didn't have to drop 10 to do it.

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