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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

The exploits of the sidekick... Or...

EDIT 04-08-16: For the sake of history, this is post #1000 in this journal :)
Thanks to schnookiemuffin for pointing out the post count.

Why haven't I seen Andrei on line...

Last month I travelled to S.F. for the World Wide Developer's Conference. At the airport on the way home I clamored, tiredly out of the cab. I missed the fact that my cell phone didn't clamor with me.

Fortunately, aryel_moffet read my frantic posting from the airport. She called my cell phone and the driver discovered it. The phone was live long enough for her to get his name and cell number.

From there the driver wanted me to pick the phone up from him directly. The driver had a lot of difficulty combining the concept of me going to the airport with the concept that I wasn't from S.F. For a week I tried to locate someone who could coordinate with the cabbie. Most of the people I know don't actually live _in_ S.F.

Eventually, I called T-Mobile. (Who I was very ticked at since they told me the day of the loss that I did not have phone insurance and would be glad to replace the phone at full cost.) T-Mobile told me to instruct the driver to bring the phone to a T-Mobile store and they would see to it that it was returned to me. (Charging my account their shipping costs). I explained that this driver didn't speak English very well. (What a f*#&ing surprise!) They asked me what his native language was. I have to admit... As many accents as I have taught, imitated, and analyzed... I had no clue.

They gave me their main number and told me that they had translators on call on request. He should call them and ask for a translator. Several hours pass. I get a call from the cabbie from a T-Mobile store. The tell me they have the phone and will call me back with the shipping information.

A week passes.

Yesterday, I call the cabbie once again who gives me the name and number of the woman where the phone was left. I call the number, it rings 8-9 times and then I get a fax or a modem tone. *sigh*. I call information for another number for the company. The number they give me is for another store with the same name. It apparently isn't a T-Mobile store. I of course was foolish to believe that the guy actually could follow instructions. But then again I was the moron who couldn't hold onto a cell phone in a cab. They tell me that the woman in question is on vacation. They also tell me I've called the wrong store and that I want Geneva. The person I'm talking to on the phone is (to be honest) not very bright and getting out of her the information about the other store is very difficult. She gives me the store number... it's the same number. I explain the fax issue. She does not understand this at all. She tells me to keep calling it, I should reach someone.

I call again... fax tone. I write a fax describing the situation. I print it and try phoning again. I reach a man at the store. (who eventually explains that they have no modem or fax... {At a cell phone store they don't have a fax?!?!?}) Oh, yes. My phone's there. It's just been waiting for someone to take it to the post office (for a week?!?!). I ask if it can be over-nighted COD. He says he'll call UPS and call me right back. (4:45pm)

That was yesterday. I have now been without my cell for almost a month. Many people have kidded me about how I'm surviving without the drugs. To be honest it's a damned annoyance. I don't really use this as a cell phone. The thing about the sidekick which puts it above just about everything else out there is that it has AIM built into the phone. I haven't found another product that has AIM built into a cell phone and until I do I'm stuck with T-Mobile. (Love Danger's Hiptop... despise T-Mobile)

So, this morning I will take another shot at getting the phone back...

Thus... Outside work.. been too busy to sit down and log on... Inside work.. been too busy to have conversations.


Busy busy busy.

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This may sound silly and obvious, but why not cancel the service on that phone and get a new one? A month of hassle and you are going to have to pay for shipping, for something they may not ever send to you? IMHO, not worth the aggravation.

Sadly, the phone is $250 to $350 dollars to replace. And I don't want to put that much repeat money into the company. There is an update coming however.

Seems to me you're doing well in your pursuit of the phone...at least you've gotten multiple people, at different stages, to acknowledge its existence and it hasn't gotten lost.

I work in SF. Sorry I didn't know!

*hugs*....They could have shipped it to me and back in that amt of time....

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