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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

*sigh* You do the math

7/26 Democratic Convention: 4,300 delegates. 15,000 media
Security: $60(M) Million dollars.

7/22-25 Comic Con: over 45,000 attendees from all sectors of the Entertainment Industry.
Security: Well, there was the kindly guy name Al, who didn't actually ask to see my badge.

Boy, don't I feel like my tax dollars are going to protect me :-P

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Are you coming down for Otacon?


- V -

Do you have a web link?



Just us and 20,000 of our closest friends in Bawlmer.


- V -

That page seems dead. It spawned a whoile bunch of popups and then asked if I was interested in buying the domain.

Any other links?


Aha. otaKon not otaCon.

Such was my problem!

Alas, there is no way for me to get to Baltimore this weekend. Especially on 5 days notice. But I'll put it on the list for next year :)


Let me get this straight... you're complaining because you didn't have to go through 3 security check points for the con?

I'm not sure how serious you are... there are many, many reasons why security is, can, and should be higher for the Dem. National Convention.

Besides... who's paying for the security? I somehow expect that to be part of the convention budget...

Politically, yes, disrupting the DemCon would be a higher coup for the bad guys. Practically speaking, however, a comparison of the actual number of potential victims, one has to be amused by the irony of the disparity in security.

the fact that the attendance is so much higher is one of the limiting factors as to how much security you can have in place. I'm not sure what the breaking point is, but I am sure it is much lower.

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