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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Followup: Embarassment time...

It would appear mrlogic has never seen "Highlander." He is a filker and a very cool person who enjoys fantasy and science fiction. (His ST:TNG song is fantastic)

Will my readers please help me by endorsing a need to see this (and not the 2nd or 3rd) film.


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The Queen theme song ALONE is worth seeing the film.

I mean, please.

Ok you know I was going to chime in as The Voice of Reason and say all you need to know is "In the end there can be only one" and you can skip the whole thing but mr_dark has a very good point. That Queen song kicks ass.

We should dub this the 'Iron Eagle' rule.

'Any movie that features a kick-ass Queen song as it's theme or primary single must be viewed, even if it's otherwise of low merit.'

For reference, see Flash Gordon.

Yes.... but see the "Director's Cut" of the film.. not the original cut. There's a few more things in there they cut for "stupid American audiences" and some things that make other things more clear.... :)

Awesome flick... Who wants to live forever? Indeed...

The Queen song was cool, but not as cool as Laibach's cover.

I have to agree that the directors cut is much better than the standard cut, but it wasn';t even that much that was different. It was a couple little things that made the movie make a lot more sence.

Mmmm, Highlander.

Alright - high points for the movie:
Queen music, highly appropriate for the scenes. Absolutely work as capstones in many places.
Good cinematography - matches well with the music and characterization going on. Not freakin' huge long mopey looks around with nothing going on, no fight scenes so confusing you have to hit pause to figure them out.
Characters are mostly 3-dimensional. The villian isn't so much, but - eh. He does get a few funny scenes however, even if he's not that well-rounded. The girl is decent - has screen time, has time to grow a bit. The majority of it is on the Highlander himself and Sean Connery's character, and there is plenty there to go around.
Dialog isn't just cheesy, although it's obviously a fantasy movie.
The movie's plot has a clear conclusion - by the end of the movie, you know it should be "all over" and you can go home and be happy that it was settled.

The last point is the flaw of Highlander 2 (There should not have been another one) and Highlander 3 (Ignore 2, it didn't exist). Both reopen the healed wounds from 1, and are bad in comparison. But for cripes sake - go see Highlander with a big bowl of popcorn. It's so worth it.

And are we all intenionally forgetting "Endgame", where they reopen old wounds AND try to tie it into the TV show, which made it a very different movie and story line. They should have left the TV show as a divergent story and left it at that.

There can be only one (highlander movie)!

Highlander the original is quite good indeed. I definately reccomend it.


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