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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Mama always said.. stupid is as stupid does...

They are releasing a special edition, 2-dvd set of...

get this

Highlander 2.

Interviews, behind the scenes... etc...


I mean I'd rather watch the Matrix Reloaded.


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Highlander 2 was the most ridiculous, nonsensical movie I ever saw. It was a boil on the ass of Highlander in all ways...

I don't remember 3. But I liked that one with the Duncan/Connor team up. I hated the one with Mario Van Peebles, who should be put out of my misery.

Go see "Equilibrium".. I liked it. Its fun

That's truly frightening. H2 is my all-time worst movie. Other movies have been funny-bad, yawn-bad, or even just bad-bad. But H2 is the one that still pisses me off just to think about. If I'd seen it in a theater, I would have not only asked for my money back, I would have asked the management for permission to beat their asses. As it was, I wanted to stab the tv, cable box, and myself.


- V -

Hey, I LIKED Matrix Reloaded... Revolutuons, however, did a complete 180 and nose dived into COMPLETELY sucking.

I am told that there is a version out there that *gasp* doesn't suck.
For instance they threw away the whole alien thing.
Though like all great urban legends I haven't seen it.

It's a really good thing that they never made a sequal to highlander cause it probably would have been really bad. (welcome to my highly sheltered movie universe)

BTW, I agree with a previous poster who recommended Equalibrium. I have it on DVD Andrei, I could bring it by. Alternativly we could bug Bill for a movie night.

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