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The $64,000 question...

So... what the hell happened to Andrei.

I mean, sure... He posts a bunch of fluff and the occasional rant... But he's been quieter than a guy in a relationship with a professional victim who's afraid of people posting in LiveJournal. (Which I assure you is not the case and hasn't been for over 2 years ;)

I think the dry spell started at WWDC. I've been away from jnanacandra before, and for this same span of time, but this time it just wasn't fun to be away. On top of that, I was going to this conference in a state of mild anxiety and trepidation.

I've been working on a new application for my company. By new, I mean that this is unlike anything we've released before and the end product is pretty much my brainchild. (The technology itself isn't exactly new, but our embracing it and me writing an application based on it is {for us}) The problem had been the ongoing fear that Apple was going to build this technology into the OS and pretty much make it pointless to be developing a client application.

To explain for the technically disadvantaged. Pretend you are working on the killer MP3 player to end all MP3 players and it's the weekend before Apple introduces iTunes. Monday my mood in the keynote went high, low, and then struggled its way back up. Apple hadn't subsumed my technology. It just took me a few days to realize how the news was beneficial.

So with my mood off, it was hard to discipline myself to post anything that wasn't your standard LJ whiney fair that is so representative of your average LJ poster

On top of that is the state of my application and our time schedule. I've pulled two all nighters in the last week to hit a deadline. And it's happily been worth it. I'm now in beta with the application. This means that it's pretty much coded but it has... personality. That personality meaning that it falls down on occasion and does some weird things. We like to call these behavioral traits... bugs.

I do think I'm now ready to have limited beta testing. I will have to get an okay by my managers on this. If you are interested in this.. email me (do not use the comment space). Use the email in my LJ profile and I'll put you on a mailing list for more information. I realize at this point, most people don't even know what it does. So at this point all I'll say is that it's a Macintosh application (sorry folks) and that you need to be running 10.2.7 or better. If that's enough to pique curiosity... email me and more details will be forthcoming soon. (The reason for email is that I don't want to limit this to Live Journal subscribers.)

But wait there's more...

There is also the impending wedding. Impeding sounds like such a heavy dark word. But let me reassure everyone.. Including H and myself. I am as driven and eager to do this as I have done anything in my life. I am very much in love... even more-so than the day we got together. Everyday is a positive adventure, even when we're both having really bad days. And I look forward to getting older with her and trust her entirely to help me raise the result of my odd desire to breed.

As for the wedding. Planning is going slower that we'd like. But it's still coming nicely. But with my work schedule and her show schedule (H will be showing at Comicon) we're both ragged to the bone.

More coming as I get time.


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