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Full day, really fun...

Well, as we move into crunch on my hither to yet unelabourated upon software...

And after I worked an all-nighter Thursday, today I took off to just enjoy.

I started the day by attempting a $20+2 sit and go, 10-seat, no-limit texas hold 'em tourney online (If you are interested in joining the site, email me, I can get discounts and new player bonuses for you).

For the non-pokered types... a sit and go tourney is just that. You go to a table and sit. You wait for all the seats to fill and you play. $20+2 means you pay 22 to play in the tourney. $20 goes in the prize pool and $2 goes to the 'house' (or in this case the online poker site)

I'd been shying away from no-limit poker because it can be daunting and the conventions for betting are very tricky. With 10 players the pay off would be from a total of $200. Split 100, 60, 40. for the first three places. in the past when I've played, I've pretty much been the 2nd or third person out. Today, I placed in the money... which means the top 3.

I know this because I actually was the last guy at the table when all the chips were counted up. Oh, for hours I was bouncing. I'd won a no-limit tourney. And while I'd done so with some very lucky miracle draws... I actually feel it was primarily due to finally doing some very good play. Now granted I can be all high on myself and utterly crash the next 10 games I play disastrously.

While playing our guest for the day arrived. brendan831. jnanacandra wanted to go out to the Body Art expo in Pomona, CA. She invited B along. This was great fun. I find Body art and body mod fascinating. Granted, I also go thru life un pierced and untattooed. Maybe someday.

We talked poker on the trip.. and I really wasn't the one to start the conversation. We got back and taught B to play limit hold 'em. And he held his own fairly well. The game took about 4 hrs even with raising blinds. I had a really good chip advantage on the other 2. But shortly after getting B out, I managed to hemorrhage a slew of chips and eventually H, took the game. (Can't win them all)

We ordered za from Pizza slut (sic) and we enjoyed showing each other media. B showed us some hillarious flash cartoons with a psychotic squirrel (2 of them) and a goth girl. I showed him Alien as shown by bunnies and the every popular Alien Song. Then we showed him Coupling, "The Girl with Two Breasts" (Shadayim!!!!)

We were thinking of trying a no-limit hand but were all pretty beat from the day. We flipped on the Tivo and there was Dreamworks' Sinbad. Which, believe it or not, I'm going to heartily recommend. Afterwards.. it was pretty much bedtime.. which leads me to now. B is mostly comfy in the lavish guest room. (And I can hear schnookiemuffin's neck tensing even from here over the thought of it). H has pretty well gone unconscious on my right.

I'm going to slather on some of this miracle Aloe cream I bought at the body mod expo that's supposed to deal with problem, dry skin and see if it helps my really worn our right foot.

Gonna sign off now. App is nearly done but the next (I can't tell you how long) weeks are gonna be hell as I whip this mutha into shape. If I can talk more about it before release, I will.

*love, luck and lollipops...*

-The Iconoclast. ;)

The Internet Is for Porn - Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording

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