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Not pleased with Pennsylvania

As the bulk of my journal readers are Pennsylvanian, Pagan friendly, and above all intelligent. I wanted to share this little tidbit that really Pisses me off.

Harry Potter prompts PA police boycott of YMCA event

the News Story

Some excellent comments by tygermoonfoxx

This is just wrong. I have always been proud of being a Pennsylvanian. And I am from just about every region.
8 yrs Eastern PA: Amish Farm/Suburbs : Montgomery County
4 yrs Eastern PA: Philly coastal : Bucks County
3 yrs Western PA: Farm/Suburbs : Beaver County
11 yrs Western PA: Urban : Pittsburgh

Today, I am saddened and worried about the potential of this action.

To those still in PA.

Now. Now is the time to pick up a letter and remind the ruling class that they are voted for.

Pennsylvanians should call or write their state governor, attorney general and their Congressional representatives and demand that the Constitutional guarantee of equal protection be upheld in the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians should be outraged and deeply embarrassed that such an outrageous act by a public agency could occur in a state so instrumental in our nation's history and in the founding of U.S. liberty and justice.
Governor: Mark Schweiker225 Main CapitolHarrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120Telephone: (717) 787-2500Governor's Email form at:http://sites.state.pa.us/PA_Exec/Governor/organization.html
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney Mike Fisher16th Floor, Strawberry SquareHarrisburg, PA 17120717-787-3391Email: info@attorneygeneral.gov
A.G. Civil Law Division:Eastern Regional Office21 South 12th Street, 3rd FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19107Phone: 215-560-2402
Western Regional Office6th Floor, Manor Complex564 Forbes AvenuePittsburgh, PA 15219Phone: 412-565-7680

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When is banned book month again?

This just has me blown away. I guess a question that I need answered is whether or not in the past this was an event where traffic was directed by on duty officers or if it was off duty officers. This distinction is very important!

Also, I guess this is just too much time in Alpha Phi Omega, couldn't we rally a bunch of people to go out and help by volunteering? How does not having the police there affect things?

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