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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

How not to start the week...

If you know me well at all this will explain my emotional state.

My sidekick cellular phone is gone. It vanished somewhere between the hotel, the cab, and the airport security.

So... Wanna help? It's been found already!!!!

If you know me, and have my cell number, start calling it. (To avoid getting charged for the call hang up within 4 rings)

Now I figure, the cell battery will make it thru today. maybe tomorrow (but with multiple people trying to call it, probably not)

If someone answers get as much contact info as you can. Start with a phone number in the event the cell battery gives out.

Whoever finds the person with the phone will get a cash reward and so will the person who has the phone and coordinates it return to me.

If you do not have my cell # and would like to help, comment in this journal posting. Please note, I will not be able to check this easily due to the lack of web access without my phone. >|-O

This phone is a life line and losing it is not making this a good start to the weekend.



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*hugs* ;) you're welcome....

Yay livejournal. :)

Congrats on locating it.

Glad to hear it! How and where was it located?

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