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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Normal posting to resume soon

For those that didn't know, I've been at WWDC all week. This is Apple's annual brain-dump of the new and nifty stuff they are working on. Lots of really cool s&#t that we will be able to give to the public in about 1-2 yrs.

This has kept me relatively busy. When I haven't been in sessions, I've been working with Apple support people (well, okay. jcr is only one person, but they make him do the work of 10 men... 10 strong men). The rest of the time, I've been fixing my wealth of bugs. (Far too many to enumerate)

There's been a lot about my app that I've wanted to post about, but information will start trickling out very soon. (Mainly because colleagues here figured it out)

So... tell your friends. This rather dry and seemingly quiet journal will become fairly active again... Fairly soon :)

Keep tuned. :)

There will also be some filtered posts today and in the next day or so. :)

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I'm sorry I haven't replied to your email. I've been sick for the past week or so, and depressed besides. It definitely wasn't about you. Still, it was rude of me. I apologize.

No apology necessary at all

I know what it's like to be in that mental headspace where you can't even get out a response. At times like that, you gotta take care of self. It's more important, and those that matter, will get that :)

No worries at all. I'm in town this evening, drop email (at my profile email) if you feel up to it, otherwise... I look forward to catching up remotely. :)

Take care!

So, is Spotlight going to be as pant-wettingly tasty as it looks from the oh-so-brief taste us mere mortals were allowed?

Glad to see everything is well - I've been keeping up with WWDC through fraserspeirs and boring everyone in my kitchen with how cool schtuff seems to be...

Can it really be a year since I last saw ya? Sorry I haven't been on IM - stupid computers don't let me install apps, and I can't access the web one cuz it redirects me to the .com.au site every time .

Muchos Amores,

I was across the street all week at JavaOne. I had thought about looking you up, but figured we'd probably both be pretty busy in our respective worlds. Hope ya had a great time. SF is a blast. I did a great deal of eating and drinking and more drinking - and recovering... I think I even attended some sessions.

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