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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Memetime: More silly bio information

Lifted from More useless crap you don't want to know about w3woody...
who shrugged, rolled his eyes, and lifted it from mightyrighty

. Slept in your bed: jnanacandra :-D
. Saw you cry: Wow, that's actually difficult. I don't cry very often at all. I mean actually tear up. I honestly can't remember...
. Made you cry: Well, that was me personally as I hit the peak of a personal breakdown where i finally started therapy for depression. It was on the phone with the ever trusted (by me) fiannaharpar about 2 yrs ago.
. You shared a drink with: braums and tygeressdenacht last evening at their place.
. You went to the movies with: 1_aga We went to see the Stepford Wives at Universal City Walk.
. You went to the mall with: jnanacandra
. Yelled at you: I honestly think the last person who's actually raised their voice to me was the only person I've blocked from this journal.
. Sent you an email: looking Form mail: Apple Developer Connection for my conference next week. Direct mail to me....Old High school buddy.
And for my own addition
. Commented in your journal: ethernight

. Said "I Love You" and meant it? To jnanacandra Everyday...
. Gotten in a fight with your pet: cute_evil and she's winning.

. California: Moved to the land of fruits and nuts in 1999.
. Hawaii: Never, but soon I hope
. Mexico: Had a massive phobia. Then went to Tijuana with schnookiemuffin where we saw a zebra-painted mule. Since then Cancun (yum)
. China: Nope
. Canada: Been to Toronto and the Falls more than once.

...Have you ever
. Danced naked: Never in public
. Dreamt something really crazy and then it happen: Frighteningly more times than I wish to count.
. Wished you were the opposite sex: Occasionally.
. Had an imaginary friend: What you mean 'had' kimosabe?

....Just questions
. Do you have a crush on someone: Just one person? No. Half the women on my LJ... Yeah... Sure.
. What book are you reading now: DaVinci Code (on Audio) and Harry Potter 4 (Hardcover) Both... excrutiatingly slowly.
. Worst feeling in the world: That feeling just before you throw up. That sudden cold and clamminess that says it's all about to go massively bad.
. Location: My Office Cubicle in Pasadena.
. College plans: As long as they can't trace it back to me there are 2-4 I might have to blow up.
. Piercings/tattoos: Never. None. Flesh still in tact. The future? Who knows.
. Do you drink: Religiously. No really, for Mass. Other than that... rarely. (If you mean alcohol)
. Who is your best friend: I hate the idea of best. I have several people who I consider my closest friends. jnanacandra & schnookiemuffin among the top tier of the list.
. What are you most scared of: Dying alone and unremembered
. What clothes do you sleep in: underwear
. Where do you want to get married: Want to? Disneyland under a theatrically staged fire-fight. But I'm happy to settle for my local church.
. Who do you really hate: Hmmn, naming names would be so gauche. I hate incompetence. I also dislike people who need me to be entertainment for them. Flakiness also annoys the hell out of me as well as closed mindedness.
. Been in Love: Yes and everyday even more.
. Do you have a job:. I am a Burden to man's internal wrestling with.... oh, never mind. I am a Software Engineer and a Priest.
. Are you a health freak: Bwa ha ha ha ha ... Woo hoo ,/... a ha hahahaha bwa.... heeheehee haa ho... I'm sorry what was the question again?
. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: Yes.
. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: *heh* and sometimes it even works.
. Are you lonely right now: Nah
. Song thats stuck in your head a lot: Stuff from Avenue Q has finally blissfully pushed music from Utena out of my head.
. Do you want to get married: August 14th
. Do you want kids: Probably starting August 15th ;)

. Cried: Nope
. Bought something: 4 hrs: Kitchen timer; 48 hrs: Coupling Season 3; week: A New Car!
. Gotten sick: Been healthy for a few months (knocks wood)
. Sang: Avenue Q soundtrack on the drive back to the office from lunch.
. Said "I love you": On the way out the door after lunch after seeing my love.
. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: Yup and did? Yup. ...and didn't? What's the point of not telling them?
. Met someone new: Nope.
. Missed someone: Yes, and there's a long story in that.
. Hugged someone: Yup
. Kissed someone: Yup