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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Saturn is dead... Long live the car.

Tuesday on the way home from work the Saturn decided to blow a cylinder. This was the 3rd major breakdown in the past 3 months. The radiator and starter were the two previous problems.

After the radiator we started talking about what we'd do when the Saturn died. After the starter we talked about whether or not we'd put money into another major repair.

Then Tuesday occurred. We talked about it. We rented a Mitsubishi Galant to get us thru the week. Friday, we went shopping.

The 94 Saturn SL2 is going to be retired with 127K miles on it. I bought it in '97 with 42K on the odometer. This was the first car that I actually bought out of my own pocket. So, letting it go has been hard.

The plan is to
  • Remove the relatively new radio (and Sirius satellite transceiver) and put it in the new car.

  • Remove the OTO vanity plates and use them for the new vehicle.

  • Donate poor ルナ through Cars for Causes to the OTO.

Friday, we found the new addition to our family. We have entered the Matrix.

For the entire view of the car with comments see our new car pages. (You can click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures with comments.)

So, we've tentatively named this car: Morpheus

This is open to debate and discussion as we're still trying to figure out our own married name as well. Names.. Wow, far harder than we thought.

Yay, us :)

By the way... Um... Does anyone know where I can get a Pittsburgh Steeler Bumper Sticker? The old one doesn't want to come off.

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I test-drove a Matrix a few months ago. Nice car!

Nice car.... almost like a Cruiser (which I still like, though they are passé) only snazzier. I love manual transmissions.

At some point I would like to look into a new stereo system for my car. The one in there now has a cd player and good radio, decent controls but the speakers leave something to be desired and I really would like a CD player. It's gonna be a while, though, til I can afford it.

I'm braindead today. It has a tape player now, not a cd. I could have sworn I typed "tape." My fingers have their own things to say, I guess...

I don't think I agree with Morpheus. It is the wrong color for it. I get that it is all Matrix-y and Sandman-y, but I don't think it gels. Not with silver. Only Daniel is silver. It is Daniel, right? The new Sandman. I can't ever friggin remember.

You killed SATURN?! .. yay!!.. uh.. oh.. OH! You mean your car. Bummer. 8p

Well, you always agreed something had to be done about Saturn. *shrug*

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