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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

ATTN: Calling the Bay Area!

I am headed to San Francisco for a conference. I will be in town from Fri, June 25 thru Sat July 3.

If you are a friend, colleague, or someone who wants to run into me (in a good manner) please either comment or drop me an email at my profile address.

Also, I am thinking of holding a poker night while I'm up there. So drop a line if you're interested... (or if you know any good places for poker in the SF area)

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You already know that I would love to see you while you're up here, but figured I'd comment anyway. :)

Hope you have a good time at WWDC, Andrei. Alas, I can't go this year (due to rehearsals for Sweeney Todd, and also the fact that I'm going to a convention in Phoenix over July 4th weekend).

If it is JavaOne, I'm there too! Holla, yo! :P

Going to WWDC? Unfortunately I'm not going since my company won't pay for it like they did last year. I will be going to ADHOC, though.

I personally like Garden City (in San Jose). Lucky Chances (in Colma, close to SF) is also quite good, and Bay 101 (in San Jose, near the airport) is good, too. GC and Bay 101 are $3 on the button; LC drops $4 (BB jackpot) but I forget where the drop is.

I live in Berkeley and work in SF. I'll be at a trade show in Denver 6/25-late 6/28. I plan to take a few days off after that. Let's have dinner or something. trueheart@trueheart.info.

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