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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Who am I meme, status 2

If you're an anonymous poster on the 3 clues meme, please check to see if I've gotten close or utterly missed on your posting.

My comments come in screened for people not on my friends list and for people posting anonymously. Under all but one comment (so far) I have unscreened them as I've read them. today I left one screened and quoted it. The material was... fitting for one of my filters. You never know who may be reading the public journal these days, "Hi coworkers!"

So here's what I've got so far:

3:30 pm - posted
9:00 pm - 31 comments
9:30 pm - 37 comments
8:40 am - 60 comments
11:15 - 81 comments 10/18
2:45 - 94 comments 12/19
4:10 - 96 comments 13/19
7:15 - 98 comments 14/19

04-06-04: 10:45 - 103 comments 14/19
04-06-08: 11:35pm - 116 + 2 comments 16/23
04-06-10: 3:30pm - 129 + 3 comments 16/24
04-06-11: 2:15am - 143 + 7 comments 18/25
04-06-12: 12:05am - 147 + 9 comments 18/26

Who are you?

Descriptioncluesguessesfaith in
last guess
Hasn't seen me recently71Donekinkyjesus
White Sox31Doneyourtoy
Non-californian who talks on IM42Done ashabeth
Ocean rising, red head52Doneastarte93
Audible Emotions5**2Doneamythyst
Gayatri mantraing busker74Donephosteres
Stubborn and unchanging31Donearyel_moffet
SWDF Leo, Alpaca41Donetheraevyn
Foot massage recipient4270%Confirmation
Brown eyes, cats, and fish51Ooops!pancua
Tatooed Gearhead31Donemonkaywrench
3 contexts and ice cubes7320%Clues/conf
Clutsy yet gutsy31Donetygeressdenacht
Sears Tower31Done1_aga
Latitude and Longitude63Donetheibes
Gearhead 272Donefiannaharpar
Tattooed and likes to PartyLots4Doneshaktiqueen
Cocoa lovin' house guest31Donemrlogic
She who is as a star...31Donejnanacandra
extensive working, we 33170%Confirmation
soy milk latte, Labyrinth lover6310%Clues!
Guitar and figure skating62Donearyel_moffet
Art loving magickal person3120%Clues/Conf?
Red headed wine drinker3180%Confirmation

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yay! fun stuff. Thanks for propagating that bit of diversion.

(Deleted comment)

No saying you can't try more than once....

the hard part is that I barely know you ;)

But feel free to try again later... When I'm not expecting it.

And watch those comment posts!!!

Well then. I know you do not who_I_am.

There's another clue waiting for you on Latitude and Longitude (http://www.livejournal.com/users/lordandrei/248213.html?thread=687509#t687509)

Well then. I know you do not who_I_am.

So, noone has a clue, who_I_am.

I think it was only 5 clues, not 6...? Oh and note that in my last name, the "i before e" rule applies :)

I love good artwork.
I am decidedly unconventional.
My magick is not obvious but it's described in my journal almost every day.

Re: Hmmn...


4. I am recently poly.

First off congratulations.

I should ask for another clue... (and possibly a phone number.)

Re: Hmmn...

5. You don't know me well.
6. I've only IM'ed with you once, briefly.
7. I'm female.

Just found these going thru old posts

Are you still on my journal?

Reddish hair.

likes wine.


Re: Hmmn.. let's start in the desert

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