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How well do you know your Andrei?

Having, as always, seen something really cool in someone else's journal. I had to add it to my own.

How well do you know your Andrei
Stolen from cellio's journal entry on Tuesday evening.

This is a 10 question test to see how well you know Andrei. Those of you who've known me longer will do better. The answers have a possible 10 points each. Some wrong answers have partial credit for being close to the right answer.

I don't think I made it too easy.... If you take it...definitely post your scores. One or two questions may seem a little misleading. If you email me the reason for your answer, you may get bonus points ;)

If you haven't guessed...I really like this :)

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Hey I did pretty f-in good! I got a 90!

You've barely known me more than a month. I'm curious which one you got wrong. Probably the cat's name. :)

I have no clue which one i got wrong. I put my email in and i'm supposed to get an email telling me what the right answers are but you know... I havn't gotten one yet. If I get it I'll let you know what i got wrong...

Answers (was Re: Damn!)

Answers get mailed out when you close the quiz. I'll close it in a few days. and post the answers here.

Re: Answers (was Re: Damn!)

ooooh! duh.. hehe

67, oddly. At the very least I blew it on the cat and fraternity ones. :)

I got a 69. I am amused.

I am so not going there ;)

I'll post answers and points in a day or two....

I think that I would have scored better on the "what Greg finds most attractive" question if it would have been a bit clearer (at least I think so). I know that I blew it on the cat question because I remembered the right answer after I finished the test.

heh. I got an 86. I'm amused.

(Deleted comment)
I am going to have to figure out why this disturbing trend in scores keeps occuring ;-)

55. Oh well. I'll be interested to see the answers. For the most part, I don't know which ones I missed.

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