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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Who the heck are you? How should I know?

Meme lineage:

mrlogic < vixyish < corivax < dakegra < ciciaye < rudestlink < [no specific attribution]

Post anonymously, giving me three clues as to who you are. I will try to guess. (I won't check IP addresses.)

I'll add my guesses to your comments, so you'll have to check back now and then.
If I guess wrong, give me another clue. I'll continue until I get it or I give up in despair.

I'll probably be hopelessly bad at this...if I don't know you half-decently, it might be good if your clues are either researchable, or if they offer me some smidgen of hope of coming up with the right answer. But if you're too obvious, it won't be any fun.

On the other hand, post anything you like. What the heck.

I would probably qualify as a friend of 1_aga.

I know you from other than live journal.

I have not seen you recently but I will see you again.

To me they make perfect sence but they may be hard being so general...

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White sox.



At first I thought...

Chicago (White Sox), which made me contemplate who in Chicago I knew that liked musicals. Couldn't place it...

Then I made a mental picture of "White Socks" (and if you're reading my S&F board... no comments ;)

The mental picture made it easier, because that's how I remember you...

My guess here is: yourtoy


I don't live in California.

I have met you.

I have talked to you... on Messenger.

that narrows it down...

To about 200 people on my firends list. So... I'll start with a wild stab.


umm, that leaves 199. More cluage :?)

I watch the sun rise over the ocean.

I'm an abrupt little redhead.

I'm sooo old!

I'm going to go out on a limb here...

Clue one: East coast.. near the ocean.
Clue two: Red hair, below average height
Clue three: I don't think you're referring to yourself as much as a statement I used to make a lot when I was between 24 and 28.

I'm going to guess chite :)

Even though I try to be drama-free in my life, drama finds me and pops up with frightening regularity. I know you've personally witnessed some of that.

Who am I?

I need far more than that :) Hell, that could be most of the people I know... Including myself.

And it needs to be three statements...

A little more help here :?)

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1 I had a Hamster, named Herbie when I was a child.
2 Om boor buvah suvaha, tat savatur, varenyum, vargo devasaya demahe, dee yo yo na pracho dyat. (phonetic)
3 I was a busker.

I'm going to stab in the dark and start with apsulute

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I'm stubborn about change.

You've known me for more than 5yrs.

Don't see you often.

Well gosh who could that possibly be :?)

1. I am adopted.

2. I am divorced.

3. I am a Leo.

I'm gonna have to call for more here :)

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I stick out in a crowd
You think I have a Hebrew education
You've given me a very nice foot massage

.. albeit with my track record today, probably very wrong...

shoebox_bird. I think this is wrong because I don't think I've ever given her a foot massage.

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I have brown curly hair
I have beautiful brown eyes
I live with cats and fish.

See, I would call her hair straight...

... but at least one of the people with absolutely beautiful brown eyes and I know has cats and fish (for a fact) would be the ever lovely, shaska

And if this isn't her. I mean no disrespect to you :)

Tattoos, gearhead, never comments worth a shit but still reads. Oh, swears and gets pissed.

Well, I think I've got this down to 2

The problem is one of my picks I don't know if he's tatooed, the other.. I don't know how much of a gearhead he is. So:

Gearhead... but I don't know if he's tatooed: monkaywrench
Tattooed... but I don't know if he's a gearhead: lapig93

Does this narrow my choices to 2, or have I got 2 wrong answers here?

Lives on the east coast.

Has known you in at least 3 different contexts.

Ice cubes.

The only east coaster who I can name (off the top of my head) with 3 phases of my life....


Though I don't remember where ice cubes come into play.

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Who am I....

I'm fair with red hair

I'm clutsy and yet gutsy

We would meet at late hours near the learning towers.

Hmmn, This narrows the field. But The group left over could be several people for several reasons.

I'll start with tygeressdenacht

1. We have chatted but never met.

2. I feel like I already know you.

3. I want to climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears' Tower and look down to see people drying venison in the carpool lanes of some abandoned super highway.

I'm going to take the hint from clue 3 to associate from Chicago.

So my first guess would be someone who's heart is definitely settled there.

1_aga whould definitely fit the bill.

1. The Sun is roughly in the same east-west position for each of us. But, where you are, it appears somewhat further to the north.

2. For the purpose of presentation, you were the candidate.

3. You introduced me to your Sidekick.

... L.A. is farther east than I was prepared for. There are actually not 2 but 6 US state capitals west of our coastal city. See if you can guess those (if it is your will) then check here.

But I think I get what you're suggesting. My read is that you're pretty much very north of me. I'd say that puts you either in Oregon or Washington.

So clue 2, I think I figured out. But that now gives me a choice. If the presentation was at your house then it probably is ariche. On the other hand if we both went to someone else's house then I'd have to go with jalano93

Clue 3 is a wash. Had it been You didn't introduce me to your sidekick that'd narrow it down :)

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