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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Calling all (ex-) scadians. Or at least the ones with my taste in music!

This is another massive tip of the hat to 1_aga.

Late night chats give the best exchanges of coolness.

For the longest time I was a dancer in the SCA. Eventually the path I was on and the overall path of the SCA seemed to go in different directions. (This is not a call for debate on that topic at all)

Some of my favourite music were English Country Dances and Irish Reels.

Well, tonight I was introduced to The Prodigals.

One critic describes them as:
Imagine the Pogues falling under the rhythmic spell of the bass 'n' drum culture and you'll have some idea of how the Prodigals approach Celtic music.

But you decide for yourself...

First listen to "Blackeyed Gypsy" (The suggestion is to picture the abduction and courtship by the rogue, in Crouching Tiger)

Then try "The Open Reel" About halfway in, I think I may have had a musical orgasm.

I love these guys and now must buy more music.

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And if you like The Prodigals you must check out the band who introduced me to them: The Fenians

and then there was that russian spinny dance, i use to dance with you...

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