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As my schedule has started to lighten and I've added and dropped several people from my lists. I'm doing a quick check up.

I'm hoping to start posting more again. Also, due to reasons involving the fact that my LJ is now being viewed by ... more people than intended, I have to make more of my posts filtered for a while. So here's your chance to get added/dropped from the filters. For those newer to LJ who don't know about filters. Here is a link to the faq.

Below is a list of filters I keep for certain posts. Please feel free to either tick off on the poll or email me at my LJ address if you'd like to be added to any of these filters (some have some pre-requisites) (Poll responses are hidden so you needn't worry about your responses being seen)

I'll be posting briefly to all my filters to remind you if you are on that filter and to give you a chance to drop off of it. If you don't at least get one from "People" then you need to notify me :)

Andrei's filters (check the ones you think you'd like to be on or should be on)

Here is a quick reference to the filters:
People: This filter is organizational. If your journal is neither a feed nor a community, it should be in this filter. This is how I read journals in the morning. "" If you're not here, I may not be reading you.

Trivia: After having been off LJ for a while I often find the need to post puzzles and trivia questions. They'll live here now, so you have to request to be subjected to them.

Poker: Heavily into poker now. More postings are forthcoming (now that my schedule is lightening) to talk about my poker experiences.

Magick: This filter is for posting things of an occult nature that I don't feel comfortable posting openly and yet are not of the nature that I need to hide behind the OTO filter.

OTO: This filter is for posting things that are about the OTO. The posting is of such a level that I would prefer the reader to be an actual initiate of OTO.

S&F: While posting has been low of late (I've been busy) this is my adult area posts. This is a lot of self examination and other topics that can push into TMI.

Poll #298282 Gosh, I really wish I were on Andrei's **** filter...

I'd like to be on the filter(s) for:


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