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Getting back in the swing

Well a week off due to health. Next, a week off as to having Ariana in town. It's now 3am (as I stayed up uber-late last night) and I'm not tired at the moment.I'm going to try to get myself back into posting on LJ on a regular basis again. Hopefully about something other than my overall health.I looked at my friend-of list and discovered I've been added by shaktiqueen who seems very interesting. Also conveniently, from my neck of the woods. So, I've added her to my list and will have another person to read about.

In the mean time...As my sleep schedule is messed up.... (now 3:30am) I contemplate pulling the "Andrei-all-nighter" to pull me back into sync. Unfortunately, this messes me up for the next day at work.

More later.

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