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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

May administrivia:

So, as my crunch schedule at work begins to lighten up and I start actually posting again... a dew hellos to new subscribers to my LJ:

ts4z - Who I actually knew doing my 'graduate school' years. I didn't know he was a poker nut. And it's great to have another person to chat with conerning that.

lady_babalon - Philosophically very interesting. I look forward to reading more and perhaps chatting.

aset - A stunningly interesting person and order sister I had the chance to meet last summer at our national order conference.

brendan831 - A local friend and order brother. Lots of good recent conversation.

marijne - Subscribed last week. I scanned some interesting posts. And she's on macosxdev which is a huge plus.

ethernight - Who I've found myself talking to during the work day, nearly non-stop (don't tell the guys at the office, I'm really... um quite busy) Fantastic shared philosophies and a dream to find someone else who's put together a "How to IM me" page. (I need to find my old one)

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Oh thank you for the welcome.

I assure you, I was equally surprised to realize it was you posting on the poker group!

I didn't realize I really, really liked poker until I got out here, and then only real recently did I realize I, too, could get money from strangers. I only played a few times in Pittsburgh, and didn't really start thinking seriously about it until a couple years ago.

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