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Just in case my OTO BodyMaster's spouse is reading... ;)

This one was referred by a coworker.

The automated Panda Bear Cell Phone

From the site:
Are you a maverick who thinks that you have everything cool under the sun already?

You don't... Not until you get an Original Hands Free Panda Bear of your very own!!!

It may sound like something out of a Sci-Fi movie - but this is the bear that talks to you!!!

Simply plug the bear into your cell phone's hands free audio jack, pop in three double-A batteries and TADA!!! - Instant hands free Panda Bear phone!!! When the bear "talks" to you, it's head and mouth move in sync with the caller on the other end. And when you get a call, not only do you hear the ring, but it's cute panda bear LED heart lights up as well.

The little bear even has a little pocket that you keep your cell phone in (very convenient).

Here's the link.

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