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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Andy Kaufman part 2. Revelations and disappointments

So, having been led to believe that PRWeb was actually a news distributor. When the story came across my desktop... I was willing to believe it.

After reading more about PRWeb as well as some of the journal purportedly belonging to the lately possibly not late Mr. Kaufman. I'd say this is an apropos hoax commemorating the 20th anniversary of his passing.

The story is just believable enough knowing his style and vein of humour. But, at this point... At least until pictures surface or reports pop up on a more legitimate (read corporate owned, not necessarily more honest) news site... I think we'll leave Andy in the grave.

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what a shame. I've been passing around the link. I'm very amused. if it's a fake it's frankly done in the spirit of the (late?) Andy Kaufman and I love it.


Ashamed? C'mon! Even if it's a hoax, it's a very fitting tribute -- especially if people actually believe it for a while. In fact, I'd say it's every Kaufman fan's DUTY to "believe" this story and spread it around as much as possible!

You took the words right out of my mouth. Nothing to be ashamed of! I'm thrilled you brought it to my attention, hoax or no hoax. A good hoax can be quite entertaining!

Now has this info in their box too to try and investigate a little more in depth. Anyways.. I figured I'd try to help a bit.

Link please? I can't find it.

There is no link just yet. I forwarded all the info to Snopes email and hopefully they will delve into it. Sorry for the confusion.

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