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My weekend (The Public Version)

This weekend was incredibly busy, crazy, wonderful, and at least 1000 other adjectives I can't begin to list.

First off we had guests in town coming out of the walls. schnookiemuffin was in from Pittsburgh, azadio was in from Arizona with 2 people from his local body of our group. And some dear friends from the Las Vegas contingency.

Saturday we welcomed seven people into full membership into the group. This was especially busy and crazy for me because it was the first time I was the one in the hot seat, 'running the show.' It was a very long night and I can not begin to thank the members of the local area for all the support in corralling guests and helping out to make it all go fantastically.

I got to bed Sunday morning at 5:16 am. Which unto itself would be okay... however, I was also acting as the Deacon in Sunday's mass.

Sunday we held a nice private mass. We had two guest clergy come in who are learning the roles and the ritual. Thus we didn't announce it and it wasn't an official mass of the church. It was a chance for them to work thru the ritual with some members of the church present to help and evaluate. I served as Deacon partially as a friend to our out of town guests, and partially in my role as an ordained priest to help them learn and understand the role. (And for support on the occasional moments of the mind going blank) We also had a visit from one of the Bishops that lives in Orange County (who we don't get to see very often). The Bishop was up to evaluate one of the novice clergy to decided whether or not to officially take the novice as someone they will guide and advise.

As for the Arizonans, I'll see them in 2 weeks as I head out there to perform mass (in the same role) and help them with some of the other rituals for our group.

Now... back to code. :)

Edit: This will be followed shortly (typing now) with a version for members of the OTO.

Edit: The version for members of the OTO has been posted. If you are a member of LJ in the order and don't see this post, please comment and I'll add you to that filter.

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