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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Apple Rejects The First "Dirty" iMix

Please Note: This posting contains adult material. Please do not read the full article if you are underage. Thank you.

Full story at: methodshop.com

Apple has decided to filter submitted iMixes under the new version of iTunes.

I had to post this because jnanacandra and I were talking about topics like this (bizarre mixes) and this list is really well put together.

One to Tango
(Songs with a Masturbation Theme)

Blister in the Sun (Explicit) - Violent Femmes
I Touch Myself - Divynals
Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
Pictures of Lily - The Who
Longview - Green Day
The Stroke - Billy Squire
Icicle - Tori Amos
Touch My Hand - Brittany Spears
Oops (Oh My) - Tweet and Missy Elliott
Darling Nikki - Prince
Real Pink Thing - Bobby Lindstrom
She Bop - Cyndi Lauper
It's Only Me - Barenaked Ladies
Rosie - Jackson Browne
O Come All Ye Faithful - The Brady Bunch

The article then goes on to list user suggestions:
Captain Jack - Billy Joel
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
One - Three Dog Night
Hang on to Yourself - David Bowie
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
My Ding-A-Ling - Chuck Berry

If you opt to make this one. The list maker has designed a great cd cover for it.

Now personally, I take this as a challenge to find the list of music themes that are... daunting.. And a good list of songs to make those lists.

Edit A good link on the topic can be found at inthe80s.com
Edit I've now bold'ed "She Bop" which now four people have missed on the list.

To quote Yahoo news in the UK: Cyndi beat off (snigger) stiff (titter) competition.

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She Bops -Cindi Lauper is another on the same theme.

You're the second person to not see that on the list.

It's 12th on his list after Real Pink Thing. Personally, I would have put it as the first song. I think it's the best example of all written.

Re: Interestingly

Maybe I have gone blind ;-)

"Turning Japanese"? I don't get it...

Even after reading the lyrics (which I didn't remember) it seems like a stretch, even with the line "I often kiss you when you're not around."

The term is actually old slang...

... for masturbation. It's a racial slur based on the face that a caucasian man makes during ...

The song was intended to be about the subject though I've always thought the lyrics were a little, too vague.

Re: The term is actually old slang...

I'll be damned; never knew that. (And I used to listen to that song all innocent-like...)

Thanks for the info!

Re: The term is actually old slang...

Actually, that's not true. See my comment below. ;)

Re: The term is actually old slang...

Having now been unable to resist the temptation to do some googling...

Whether or not the song really means that seems to be somewhat contested...apparently there is now a slang term "Turning Japanese" that means this, but no one seems to be sure whether it existed before the song came out. At least one person I found online was so sure of the song's supposed "hidden meaning" that he reacted to the band's denial on VH-1 with a shout of "He's LYING! Everyone knows what that song's about!"

It's probably on the order of arguing whether Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds really is about LSD. Let it mean what you want it to mean...the notoriety for the song's supposed meaning is probably sufficient to grant it a place on the list, even if it does promote a misconception (no pun intended).

How about Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax"? No question what that's about, although whether it's during self-love or not is not completely clear (and may not matter). (I had a female friend in high-school -- a very straight-laced type -- who used to love that song. I was always a little amused by this.)

Re: The term is actually old slang...

Actually, that's an urban legend. The band doesn't know how that got started, but the song is based on something completely different (though I forget what it is). This is as reported by the band themselves on VH1s "True Spin."

Re: The term is actually old slang...

Hey, I'm not as entirely out of it as I thought I was! :-)

Thanks, amythyst...

That's a good list. Very close to Tipper Gore's (in)famous "filthy fifteen" list from the 80's.

I had forgotten about the Filthy Fifteen! So, testing my Googling skills, I found this. Looks like iTunes doesn't have 'em all, but enough of 'em...

Such a wonderful list...

And what is more filthy than the "occult"?

Does Prince's "I'll jack you off" count? or not because he's offering to help?

I can not BELIEVE there's no Green Day on that list. Everyone knows ALL of their songs are either about masturbation or break-ups. heh.

GreenDay - Longview:

Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I'm so damn bored I'm going blind

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