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Just a quickie---

I have been sort of quiet this weekend. And as someone who has been reporting a trip to the hospital on a nearly regular basis I felt I should at least come forth and make a statement.

The colour of the rising trees in the scarlet consciousness of tomorrow can only be gauged by the liquidity of the dolphin's left razor-beak.

Now I realize this statement actually makes little to no sense whatsoever.....but it was the first thing that came out....

In other news:
Ariana arrived safely in L.A. it is wonderful to see her again after several months. I have already subjected her to several movies and several episodes of "The Muppet Show"

As for the illness....The cold-like symptoms have mostly faded. I still have a cough and a tightness in the chest from the pneumonia. I am going in at 10:15 to see my new Doctor to see if the antibiotics have helped any since getting them Tuesday.

The "letter" has been sent. As far as fed ex is concerned it was left at the destination with no signature necessary. In about 3-4 days I'll check to see if the contents were processed or if I receive any note in comment. If something was sent to my work email...please understand...I have no access to work email until I return to work,

As for work. As of tomorrow morning I am officially on disability. Having missed 5 days for health reasons I am now considered disabled. Personally, I always thought disability from work involved getting run over by a tractor or having a limb pulled out by some farm machinery (and oddly I hear some reader of this somewhere saying, "That's not funny, boy...") But apparently this can happen for things like pneumonia.

I will know more after I see the doctor tomorrow. More then.

Til then....

Later, Bye....

(Net access will be limited until I return to work....)

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