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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

It all started with Schadenfreude...

Recently my stereo was stolen out of my car. To face this attempt at societal subjugation I purchased a new stereo and got Sirius Satellite Radio for it.

My requirements for satellite radio were simple. 80's and Broadway.

So.. fast-forward to Tuesday. We are driving home listening to the broadway channel and hear a song called "Schadenfreude" this is a German term that means, "Finding pleasure in the misfortune of others."

(On a side note I heard a comedy routine on German sense of humour this morning: The autobahn. A road without speed limit. They find this funny. They invented the driver side airbag. You could play with a balloon while your passenger is thrown and mangled.)

But back to "Schadenfreude." The song was upbeat. At first I thought it was a little flimsy coming off like an educational song rather than a musical number. It was amusing. The basic song was, "Gosh my life sucks... Hmmn, I'm sorry to hear that, but it kinda makes me feel good." Very odd.

Yesterday we hear another song. This one is called, "The Internet is for Porn" And thus we were introduced to "Avenue Q"

Avenue Q is (to quote their web site) not authorized or approved by any manner by The Jim Henson Company or Sesame Workshop which have no responsibility for its content. The musical is effectively, "Another street where humans, puppets, and monsters live." If you were raised on Sesame Street (and are over 25) this musical is for you. It is mature yet still feels like the ghost of Joe Raposo wrote the songs. The web site will give you the basic over view. There are real audio and video clips (including "The Internet is For Porn") I don't think I've fallen in love with a musical so fast in my life.

If you have iTunes, listen to the preview. If you have $0.99 buy the song. Better yet. Spend the $10 and download this musical soundtrack. The lyrics and characterizations are incredible!

The Internet Is for Porn - Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording

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My elder daughter got to see this on a trip to New York last month (along with Wicked, Hairspray, and Stepping Out).

So envious...

I was just looking at Wicked, too... sound like it was good?

I have the soundtrack; I like it very much. I think it was her favorite of the four shows she saw, too.

I wasn't supposed to buy anymore iTunes music! Look what you've done to me!! ::flail::

::goes to listen to nice new soundtrack::

Okay sweety, I'm sorry to fill up your LJ comments... but... I thought this was relevant. I have a sinus infection, and I'm singing a benefit tomorrow. And someone recommended whisky. So I'm drinking lots of tea, with, consequently, lots of whisky. And I'm listening to this soundtrack. And apparently Avenue Q and alcohol is a novel combination because, ah, I haven't had this much fun listening to a soundtrack in a long time... ^_^

Update - I'm no longer mushy in the head... and it's still really funny. ::chortle::

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