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My Horrorscope in detail

I guess this means something
Currently I am experiencing a life tranist. This is when the planets line up in a particular way and this means something.

Some transits happen very quicky (The moon passes where mercury was when you were born), Other's happen very slowly. Some happen once or twice in a lifetime in a life time. (Saturn is back in the heavens where it was when you were born; the famous Saturn return of the late 20's early 30's) And some happen only to specific people depending on their chart.

My current tranist is as follows:
Pluto (R) Trine Saturn: 13 Jan 2001 -> 4 Nov 2002

Here's what had to say:

Toughening upValid during many months: At this time you will make gradual but very profound changes in your life and create structures that will last a long time. You work at this task with great patience and attention to detail, because you are not working for today only. You are working for tomorrow as well. This influence confers great endurance, which enables you to work slowly over a long period of time to eliminate those elements of your life that have become unnecessary and limiting, replacing them with structures that are more relevant to your present activities. This is a period of slow but profound change within yourself also. Certain aspects of your character are changing and taking on a form that will last for many years. This change may be reflected in certain external changes in your work, profession or any other important activity in your life. You are likely to be very careful about everything that you do under this influence. Because you try not to waste anything, the people around you may think you are excessively conservative. But really you are just acting with great discipline. Whether or not it is necessary, you are able now to get along with very little in the way of material goods. And you have a phenomenal ability to contend with adversity if you have to. This influence has the effect of toughening you up considerably. A related effect is that persons in authority in business or government may give you considerable power to reorganize a structure at some level. They are acknowledging your disciplined, orderly approach to every task, which is characteristic of this influence.

Would that any of this made me feel any better.

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