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Damn it, Sama.... Or a quick one off.

Half an hour ago I took a medicine cabinet
2 benedryl (to reduce swelling)
2 500mg tylenol (fever)
1 15 mg zyrtec (allergy)
1 levaquin (antibiotic)
1 300mg Ranitidine (allergy/antacid)
1 tsp hycodin (cough)

As I lay in bed 5 minutes ago listening to my heart do the macarena I tried to meditate and listen to the rhythm

Bring it down to normal.

I had the rhythm...
Then I had "I got the music in me" in my head
Then I had "That's the way I Rike it" by KC and Sunshine Band.

And I thought to my self...

oh sama sama sama....

Then I trudged out of bed to inflict it on everyone else.

Goodnight until tommorow.

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