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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

What is 36?

36 is walking into a gas station mini-mart to purchase something and seeing that birth date someone is legal to buy cigarettes is your birthday.

I am now legal to enact the phrase, "Find a 36 year old, if not, two 18 year olds will suffice."


In other news of 36
A new community was pimped in community_promo by someone I'm going to assume is under 18.

I have a community called oldies_freaks . This is a community for folks who love oldies. This could range anywhere from 60's to 80's. In some cases, it's up to mid- 90s. So if you like oldies and/or are full of pop culture information just bursting to let it all out, come on down!

Now, I posted a comment pointing out that by "the radio definition" 80's now qualifies as classic rock and 70's could be defined as oldies but is still considered 'classic rock'

And oddly, (for those who knew me at CMU) I don't feel old.

Edit: Fixed an HTML tag.

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For several years I have been off-put from hearing the music I grew up with appear on radio stations like 93.1 and 104.3. Makes me feel old.

INXS is NOT classic rock. dammit. Steve Miller Band? Classic Rock.

I could go on for days. I think I'll spare you.

tell tell!!!!! :)

oldies? 80's? good goat, my 15yr HS reunion is next year, and I haven't even hit my sexual prime yet (35 that is!). Hell's bells, I'm not ready for the Geritol yet! Seems a little weird to think that genres like "progressive" or "new wave" are being lumped into "oldies". My guess is this kid's PARENTS aren't even old enough to have gone to a sock-hop. (Thank you, mine hit their 30's prior to the Summer of Love -- I grew up on music 10-15yrs older than most of my friends)

Oy! ... and even Vey!

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