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MEMEtime: Closest Book

Taken from a post by fiannaharpar who cribbed it from bryguypgh and jameel

This one is kind of interesting. Like most memes, it works best if you neither cheat nor think. Grab whatever is closest and run with it. fiannaharpar made a small mod to the meme, so I did too. Modding the meme isn't part of the meme... well, it wasn't meant to be part of it.... ;) Post your additions to your journal and comment me a link :)

1) Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 25, find line 5. Write down what it says, along with these sentences, and post it in your journal.

"Didn't Jehovah create Heaven and Earth? Hell No!"

2) Give details about the book

Lon Milo Duquette pseudepigraphically writing as Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford in "The Chicken Qabalah"

Whole quote:
What happened to Jehovah? Isn't Jehovah God?
Didn't Jehovah create Heaven and Earth? Hell No!
Elohim did, and Elohim is a very peculiar word.

3) tack on the previous list

fiannaharpar: integration is very far from complete. Severe inequality
bryguypgh: $%
jameel: indications that the Japanese Bushi (warrior class) knew it well and practiced

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