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Andrei Freeman

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GRRRR! Do not taunt the programmer

So, somewhere between 6pm and 9am yesterday through this morning... my car was broken into.

The person who did this was obviously experienced. all doors were unlocked, gas door and trunk popped, and the contents of the glove box were on the floor of the passengers seat. The radio was removed and the wires neatly cut.

I've called the cops and reported the break-in. I can't see any damage and the important papers seem to all be there. Tomorrow I will call the insurance and deal with that.

Yes, I'm annoyed. But it could have been worse. The irony was that I was thinking of replacing the radio. I wasn't thinking alot about it, because I'd just replaced it about a year earlier. :(


Time to work up a new ritual with Andromalius.

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