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They say it's your birthday...

What a day, what a day...

We got up. Heather still suffering from the tonsillitis, but now it's killer nausea from the antibiotics. Cefilex or something. So, we go back to the hospital. They give her something for the nausea and move her to good ol' Pen VK. We went home and watched some tivo captured WSOP 2003.

By about 11 she is feeling better ;) This is good. We get to see our landlord and his family. :) We haven't seen them in a few months. We miss them. Heather and I work on our killer, puzzle from hell (pictures soon). The tree people are here to cut away the over grown pine out our back porch. There's been suggestions of a killer view off our back porch, but it's been mostly hidden by the overgrown pine. They cut it away today. Very interesting to watch the process. I felt kinda bad at one point. Felt like, who am I to stand by and watch them trim back a tree for a view. But the truth was, the tree was beginning to sag from the weight and it actually looks a little healthier cut back.

Well, it was my b'day (and thanks to all who sent messages and emails). So we went for the gloriousness that was raw fish. We went to our usual sushi joint, "Aoba" on Brand in Glendale. We discovered a nice, little comic shop around the corner. It's a pity though. I've been out of comic books pretty much since moving to L.A. we got there at 5pm just as they opened. OH! Was the tuna fresh!!! Yum! We splurged and dropped about $50 on my b'day dinner.

Gloriously... no one sang. (I have a history up until about 20 of being dragged to Benihana style restaurants by my family and getting renditions of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" in Japanese. (Which, sadly I have memorized). Then, the diversion for the evening. With a little cajoling from a now healthier Heather, we went down to the City of Commerce to indulge our Poker Bug.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details. But we both doubled up what we budgetted and I had one incredible hand.

J3 on the big blinds
Flop comes down JJ3 (I f'en flopped nut fullhouse. I'm betting. Guy on my right raises. Turn is a 5. Now we're at double bets. Guy on his right is raising. We're moving 8, 12, 16... I'm getting nervous. River is a 6. 8s 12s, 24s. Raise, reraise. I'm tense
Showdown. One guy has a pair of 5s for 3 5s, the other guy had J4 for 3 jacks. And me who was convinced one of them had J5 to beat my full house, left the hand with $70 with my JJJ33 full house. Talk about an adrenaline rush!!!
It was a good birthday. Now I finish off the post, set the clock ahead an hour.... (Sleep? Sleep is for the weak!) Tomorrow... I am the Mass Priest. No rest for the weary.

So... hmmn. Maybe Helmuth's book helped a little :)

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