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"Biochem is neat" or "Just enough knowledge to be dangerous"

So, while jnanacandra is recovering from tonsillitis I have been taking on the role of caregiver. She is now happily on vicodin for the pain.

This morning I woke her at 8:20 to make sure she took her meds and let her get back to sleep. It's not that she isn't capable of taking care of herself, I just want her to relax and heal. I told her the time and got her meds for her. Sadly, I was unaware of the fact that she'd woken up at 5:00 and taken them then. Okay, two vicodin doses in 3 hours. Oops. I went to webMD. The sight has a javascript glitch. So I found The Valuts of Erowid

After wandering around the site I discovered some really bizarre information that my utter minimal amount of Biochem knowledge found intriguing.

See now the connection between amphetimines, methamphetamines, chocolate, and caffiene!

Here is the info


(note: white = hydrogen, grey = carbon, blue = nitrogen)

Now, what I find stunning is that in both sets, the differentiation (from left to right) is the replacement of a hydrogen bonded to a nitrogen with a carbon bonded to that nitrogen with 3 more hydrogen. Now of course my chem is so lacking that I don't quite remember what CH3 is. CH4 is methane. What's even more interesting about caffeine is that if you reverse the CH3 on the other ring to H, the Caffeine becomes Theophylline, found predominately in tea.

So whereas the addition of methyl compounds to amphetamines make meth-amphetamines... Apparently, caffeine is Meth-Chocolate.

Anyone for a chocolate easter bunny?

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