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Icon Meme

Edit: Credits

Taken from an original meme by jnanacandra. Though it would appear that lrstrobel came up with this about a week ago, too.

A note about my icons. I originally picked icons that were pictures of me and added the occasional fun icon in. I typically only use my default icon unless I really feel the need to fall to another one. None the less... the icon list:

Keywords: notocon
This is my current default icon. This picture was taken at the 2003 National OTO Conference (NOTOCon) in Portland, Oregon. This was the picnic on the last day of the conference. I am wearing the frilly black magickian's shirt that is more clear later in the clubbing picture. I cropped a picture of jnanacandra and I for a single shot icon. While I was able to crop her out (with no disrespect to her meant at all) I was unable to fully blur out the background where you see azadio playing with his Sidekick. An addiction I'm pleased/ashamed to admit I caused him.

Keywords: artsy
So, suddenly, artsy icons were the rage on LJ. So, I took a self portrait. (Ooh, the fun of holding a camera in front of your face and trying to get it aimed anywhere in the right direction!) Then it was off to photoshop to f*#k with it. I was surprised and pleased with the results. This was my default for quite some time.

Keywords: Device
Yeah, I was in the SCA. Yes, I was a herald. Yes, I made my arms after buying a Fox-Davies for an unbelievable steal. Yes, the arms are the German styling of Perlindenschapf. Yes, that way the blazon is five words (Per lindenshapf purpure and ermanois). Yes, they are canting arms: Linden/Poplar leaves for Topolev (of the poplar grove). Yes, I used this icon for SCA related posts. No... I don't play anymore ;)

Enslin Torso
Keywords: Enslin Torso
At my last Pennsic I had a talented 'comic style' artist complete some work for me. This is a torso view.

Enslin colour
Keywords: Enslin colour
Same picture with just a face. This was used both as a default or when making magickal or fantasy based posts.

Enslin b&w
Keywords: Enslin b&w
The year after I commissioned the work (my final Pennsic) the artist did a sort of Tavern pict of me and two female friends. That pict is not appropriate for all audiences. The cut head is here. I use this icon similarly to the previous one. I am amused because it looks muchly like the next one.

Keywords: Work
This is my last work ID at Symantec. It's also an interesting picture because it's me during my fake hair phase. Granted... it's when the fake hair seemed to look the least fake.

Keywords: Tree
I found this picture of the tree of life on line. I really liked it. I actually mailed the artist to ask him if I could use it. I use this icon when making some kind of thelemic or spiritual post.

Keywords: Southpark
This was one of those dumb-fun things that everyone was doing. I use the icon rarely when posting something really silly.

Keywords: clubbing1
I got back into clubbing for a while. This was a picture with a friend of mine who is named Jaisan. We went clubbing in L.A. I got a picture of me in my goth clothes. Note... this is the same shirt from my default Notocon picture. I use it on the rare occasion that I post about gothy things.

Keywords: garden
Taken at The Mirage Casino over New Years Eve Weekend (2002-2003). I really hate the picture. I think it shows off my need for a diet. I leave it up as a reminder. I don't think I've ever used it as a posting icon.

Keywords: attack
Taken by schnookiemuffin while I was setting up for a Mass. I don't like the picture much for reasons similar to the garden photo. I was actually not angry at all when the picture was taken. It just seemed to capture that feeling. I use this icon when I want to rant about something.

Keywords: badge
This one is not actually entitled badge. I designed this image a couple of years ago when I came to terms and realization about something personal to me. This was going to be my ribbon/rainbow badge to represent me and people like me. I've not actually done anything with it. It was designed to be vague so that people seeing it on the street wouldn't necessarily understand its deeper meaning. I use this icon when posting about sexuality.

New badge
Keywords: New badge
No, it's not actually pictured here. You really don't need to go look at this one ;) A few people couldn't actually see what I was intending in the original badge. So I made a very unsubtle animated version of the graphic to make it far more clear. If you're absolutely curious and want to learn something about me that I'm relatively open about... You can look at the animated icon and the names of the badges on my lj icon page.

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