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Status again:

Well, here we go...

Now off of iBuprofen (I'll bet you didn't know that it was an Apple branded drug) the swelling seems to have gone down mightily. My hands are as follows:
L: Thumb can now touch other fingertips with relative ease (A little strain on the pinky). I can get 80% of the way to making a fist. Wrist mobility 100%, Hand comfort is at 85%
R: Thumb can now touch other fingertips with relative ease (more difficult on the pinky). I can get 65% of the way to making a fist. Wrist mobility 50%, Hand comfort is at 40%
Temperature has been in the 98.8 - 99.4 range regardless of my current dosage.
I've spend pretty much all day in bed basically groggy but in good spirits and chatting online

The HR division called to notify me about my rights. Apparently, since I'm out on physical leave, I cannot (during this time) be: laid off, fired, replaced, removed, etc. Also. If I am forced to be out longer than 5 days (Not return on Monday) I qualify for short term disability. I will get paid 75% of my salary and can collect the rest by taking 2 hrs of PTO time /day. Lastly, for both my safety as well as the office, I will need to provide written notification from my Doctor stating that it is safe for me to return to work.

Close People:
I have apologized profusely on the phone to her and she has told me there is no blame....but I have put Ariana through hell the past week. She's getting ready to come out and visit for a week. Twice this week I have called her really late to let her know I was going to the hospital. I have kept her up late and worried. She is happy that I've been very honest and as timely as physically possible with information, but has been horribly worried. I just want her to know how much it means to me :)
I've also been running Meredith ragged. Last night was supposed to be; Andrei's all drugged and it's a Buffy night. When I hit 102.8 she dragged me back to the hospital. I told her today but I'll make it public. Meredith is sweet. She brought me some cans of chicken soup last night. I got through one last night. She said I could make myself a can today if I felt up to it. When I stumbled into my kitchen I found a bag with somewhere around 6 cans. I was expecting 1 other can. Like I said. "Sweet" :)

As I've said I've been pretty much in bed all day. The net has been my sanity. I've talked to a lot of ppl today and made some LJ posts and everyone who's written me or chatted with me has made suffering through this s&%* so much more bearable. Thanks in no particular order to: Ben, Tara, Shawn, Jenn, Lynne, Joanna, (and Ange, though we haven't chatted today), Leslie (My very cool boss), Joy and of course...Meredith and Ariana.

Icky stuff:
The last of the wires have been set up from my brokerage account to my local bank. Apparently, yesterday's wire went just 'over the wire' so it processed a day later. Still on schedule for payments to go out by Saturday. Yay me :-/ A note. I definitely think depression is an issue. When I hit 102.8 I was a dribbling mess about how I was trying to make things better and how it just seemed to be getting worse. ( I was VERY fevered ) I guess I have to look into that more :-(

Bottom Line: No really, see it is. Things are improving :)

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