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Between attacks of busy... LJ strikes!

A wise man one said, "All roads lead from LiveJournal"

No wait, that one wasn't from a wise man; that one was from me.

Anyway, my cell phone has been a little over-active the past 24 hours. I got a random call last night from somewhere near Long Beach. This was odd. Then this morning I received an SMS phone message.

It turns out that I've been tracked down (not that I'm very hard to find online) by recently new member to LiveJournal nightskye12. Who for the sake of short hand we will call IV. (I try not to out names until people have done so themselves)

For those of you who know that I sometimes rant on people who haven't known me for more than say 4-5 years... A little history.

I met IV my 2nd year of college. And this was the first time I went to college, so let's say... 1987. (Yes kids that is 17 years ago, well 17 as of late August) He pretty much became my best male friend at College. I'd say best overall, but he's probably tied with "C" which was probably the only issue I ever got annoyed at him about ;) (And if you can't map out this one in your head you've never been in a friend triad.

IV was (hell, probably still is) a killer actor from Long Island. The stories that I could go on about are about 4 years of fun. From Daniel to Roni Rolls Runs to Little Shop to Betsy (rolls eyes), there was AEIRAC (or however he eventually decided to spell his name) there was Gengo and Haiton (I'm covering my eyes just thinking about this "Gengo, Gengo, he's staring at your sword!") Thumbs up in the wading pool and the mistake of repeating it on a TV show without remembering the wading pool. The list goes on.

Now, I haven't heard from IV in probably 7-8 years. He's now married. I'm going to be married as well soon. I figure we have a load and a half of catch up to do.

For those keeping track: (Myself included) The people I am still in contact regularly (or recently) in order of having met them:
echomoontide 1984 (20 yrs)
nightskye12 1987 (17 yrs)
fiannaharpar 1988 (16 yrs)
schnookiemuffin 1994 (10 yrs)

Now if I could only locate Patrick, Kristie, Ken, Marie or Martin. That'd be awesome.

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