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Wonderfalls: The quick review

So, we watched Wonderfalls last week. This is the new series that is under the helm of Executive Producer Whedon/Buffy alum Tim Minear.

Very funny show about a girl who helps people lives (Well, yeah, that's original) but this time the McGuffin is the fact that inanimate objects talk to her.

As opposed to:
Tru CallingThe dead talk to her
Joan of ArcGod tells her
Quantum LeapZiggy leaps him and doesn't tell him
Incredible HulkHe wanders into town and there is a problem

It's a simple, but effective mechanism. The trick is to make the McGuffin more and more appealing each time. In Wonderfalls the (theoretically) inanimate objects give cryptic messages that lead her on a point to point goose chase that eventually puts many pieces together.

I was especially pleased with the objects singing, "Hello, My Baby." Big points there.

If you missed the debut, it will be rerun on Thursday on Fox.

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